Harbors & Fishing: Fish which is harvested from Indian Ocean can not be matched by any other in quality and taste; it’s named as Worlds Best Ocean with less contamination. Due to Sri Lankan geological and weather condition, presence of quality fish in our sea is unlimited. Clean and deep water and plenty of small fish and food availability and good climate condition for breeding are main reasons for this. So, fishing harbors are situated all over Sri Lanka and supply is vast. We in Sri Lanka have two ways of fishing. Long Line fishing by ships (More than 59 ft are considered as ships) timing 1 to 3 months, big boats (41 to 59 ft) timing 1 to 3 weeks. Hand Line by big boats, small boats (40 ft) timing 2 days to 1 week. Mostly all the long liners preserve fish in Chill bath (Water tanks with chill water). Short time fish is preserved by block ice.



Factory & Processing: Factory is Situated in the close approximate to Fishing harbors and we work as a team with suppliers and customers around the world. Very well maintained Factories with
Knowledge of product and experienced workers has led to the development of quality assurance that follows the fish from the sea to the customer’s cold stores. Processing is done under very hygienically conditions monitored by HSSAP & EU Community. Locally by Ministry of Fisheries. Analyzing the fish for antibodies which is harmful for human consumption is done at the processing plant immediately before processing of the fish. Reports are issued according for each fish processed. Sample of the fish is stored under frozen condition for record even after years. The whole processing is done under required temperature maintenance.



Quality & Packing: Quality checking is done at the factory and fish will be chosen for each shipment according to buyers need. Tuna is graded as A+/A-/A/B & C. Fish is also checked for appearance of eye / skin & other remarkable damages when it’s shipped as whole/GG/H&G or Bullet. Whole Fish is packed in corrugated carton boxes lined with sponge/aluminum foil and polythine
Wrap. Temperature control is done by different type of Ice according to buyers’ requirement and timing of the flight. Other assortments are packed in regiform boxes vacuum packed and wrapped in linen fabric, polythine lining. Icing done as per requirement

Established exporter of sea food from Sri Lanka. With 10 Years Experience in the Trade.

Our Products have been exported to most of the European countries and we hold valuable references as an excellent performer in the timely execution of orders combined with quality output

We mainly export fresh Tuna, Sword fish, different variety of reef fish. Fresh loins, steaks, H & G and whole gutted fish.

Our main destinations is Europe Countries

All fish products are processing in modern purpose built factory in Sri Lanka.



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